Ailunce HD1 Dual Band DMR Handheld Radio

Ailunce HD1 is the first radio we R&D mainly for hams. We design it based on RT3. A lot of hams know RT3/RT8 and MD380/MD390, they are all very good DMR radios for hams. We design the HD1 based on RT3 and collect lots of advice from hams.

What makes HD1 unique? Not only it is Dual Band DMR radio, it has a lot of other functions or a lot of design details. All of them make HD1 unique.





  1. Appearance Design:

Very simple design, 360 degree channel knob. the true radio’s LCD display may a little than the photo.The design photo show the LCD is pasted from outside. The true radio’s lcd is made from inside by ultrasonic wave. so it looks a little small. This technology will improve the waterproof rating,even higher than IP67. The whole radio is waterproof and dustproof.









Ailunce-2   2. Dual Band DMR Radio

It is true-2-slot, provide 2-slot communication which allows for 2 talk paths on 1 frequency;comply with MOTOTRBO Tier Ⅰ&Ⅱ.

   3. Dual Mode

DMR and FM mode, dual display and dual standby.

   4. Battery Indicate Percent

Like the photo show, the battery is 99% now, it is more clear and more intuitive.





   5. True VFO

You can directly input frequency via keypad. It is a great upgrade for digital radio.

    6. Special Contacts List

The contacts list has two parts. One part is priority contacts, it includes 64 contacts. You can edit them in software or on the radio via keypad directly. Another parts is address book contacts, it includes 100000 contacts. You can edit the contacts use excel files(.xls, .xlsx) on PC, then import the files to the software. Import and export is very easy.

The contacts list information includes Call type, Name, Callsign, City ,Province, Country and ID. When you receive a call, you radio will show all information about the transmitter, not only a radio ID like RT3/RT8/MD380/MD390 etc.

   7. High Power

10W high power, you can choose high/middle/low.

   8. Channel Edit More Convenient


   9. 3200mAh. Professional Battery, Long Standby.

I only show some functions here. there are a lot of design details waiting for you to discover. Let waiting for HD1 comming. More information about the HD1, you can follow Ailunce FB home page.

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42 thoughts on “Ailunce HD1 Dual Band DMR Handheld Radio”

      1. Hi, I am ZS6AAG working for Doctors without Borders very interested to test the Ailunce HD1, it seems to be a performant radio and could be used in our emergency situations. Please contact me, i would like to be one of your tester and i can send regulars reports, i am already equiped in DMR.
        My email adress
        Many thanks Jean_Louis Haye.

  1. Display looks nice, but can the AWFUL font be changed? Never understood why a radio would have a lot of R&D put into it, then use the worst possible font for the display. It makes it look… like a cheap, china, stolen intellectual property knockoff. Which I am certain it isn’t. PLEASE consider changing the default font from that crappy, free one.

  2. I agree with Walt ,
    Yes – please change that Awful font ;o)
    Regards !
    alexander , KH7CX

  3. Hello, I am interesed in reviewing/testing it in Europe. For the first sight I would love to see a better antenna, other than that short one. Best regards, Zsolt, HA8PX

  4. Larry E Norris

    I would be interested in testing this item if it is ready for production N3JTN Larry in Maryland usa

  5. GADOU Patrick F2VI

    Appareil semble très bien mais pas trouver le prix, ce qui est le plus important pour moi

    73 a tous


  6. Edward Brady

    I would love to test this unit. As a fire fighter this could be the radio that my whole dept. moves to.

  7. Pedro Mestre

    Hello, I am interesed in reviewing/testing it in Portugal. For the first sight I would love to see a better antenna, other than that short one. Best regards CR7AQB Pedro Mestre

  8. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hello, dear Retevis.
    I have a couple of questions for you, if you will.
    1. Rather, this proposal – please do in HD1 S-meter in dB .. this is useful for a lot of radio amateurs
    2. Say, in HD1 will be implemented systems “Talker Alias”?

    Thank you for the answers and for your work.

  9. The launch of the Ailunce HD1 was scheduled for the first half of 2017.
    I do not think it is still commercialized and now we are already in the second half of 2017.
    Is not that by chance you have a few “beta testers”?
    If so, I would be interested in acting as an Italian beta tester.

    Waiting for a answer I wish you a good job.
    73, IZ1UQM

  10. I would be very interested in Testing this radio out. I am with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and a waterproof radio is a must. Can this have firmware flashed for p25 modes as well


    I would be interested in testing HD1 if it is ready for production. I have two years of experience in DMR operations with RT3. One important issue is the price . One competitor has placed in the market a dual band DMR radio at a very low price .
    73 I4HMR Nando

    1. Thanks for your interesting, we have confirmed HD 1 tester already, but you also can introuduce some your advantages, when we have new model need to test, maybe you can have a try.

    1. No, it is coming soon, the price is about $200.Technicians are ending the final tests after a deep-test and solving the last bits & bytes.

  12. Hi Dear AILUNCE Team,
    Where can I download the Ailunce HD1 user manual.
    thanks +Aloha !

  13. Colby McKethen KD7MZX

    When will this radio be release? I am interested in the dual band GPS model. All I am finding still is pre orders.

  14. Is HD1 compatible with Motorola/Hytera basic privacy? Current Retevis/Tytera/Baofeng DMR radios are using their own algorithm even for basic privacy which makes those units useless in small commercial networks.

  15. Hi AILUNCE Team,
    When it will be possible to purchase the Ailunce HD1 , – Still out of stock ? ,
    it’s December already.

  16. Hi,
    what is output power with low and medium power modes ?
    Can we use it in analog emission with PMR446 limits ? or in digital tier 1 norm ?
    (0,5W limit)
    I’ve got valid uhf frequency licence for my business but I sometimes still use licence free PMR446 portable devices.
    Thanks !

  17. Can this radio do dual receive? Wondering if I can monitor two bands at once?

    If so, where is the set-up information to do this?

    1. Hello! sorry for the delay!
      1. HD1 can set different channels in the upper and lower sections, and then it can receive two alternate messages
      2. You can also monitor two high-frequency information, if two frequencies are transmitted at the same time, you will receive one of the information.
      3. The side button can be set through the software for monitoring.

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