The Repeater RT97 can be customized

Retevis Repeater RT97, the mobile Analog Repeater. Just because the small size, so it can be used in Office area, Outdoor activities like music Concert, wedding, Construction Projects and so on.


1, Customizable: The TX and RX frequencies can be customized between UHF (400-470MHZ) or VHF(136-174MHZ). Offset: 5mhz or 10mhz
2, Output power: 10W.
3, Small size: With the package size: 310×283×170mm. Very small and easy to carry, you can use it outdoor.
4, Car charger: Provide the car charger, you can use this repeater in your car.
5, Multi-charger way: Not only provide the car charger, but also provide the DC12V~24V power. Very convenient.
6, LCD display will help you know the TX and RX frequencies, CTCSS/DCS code.


Custom requirements:

1, We have the default frequency in stock, TX: 463.3125MHz and RX: 453.3125MHz. Offset 10mhz. 

2, Customized the UHF from 400-470mhz. offset 10mhz or 5mhz

3, Customized the VHF from 136-174mhz. Offset 10mhz or 5mhz


1,If you don’t need to customize, you can choose number1.

2, If you need to customize, you can leave the TX and Rx frequencies and offset you want in your order.

3, If customized, please make sure your TX’s frequency higher than Rx’s frequency.

3, The Customized version takes 20-25 days to customize. So you need wait for a few days to receive.

Lewis from UK made a video on Retevis RT97, the field test of this portable repeater. Thanks very much to Him!



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9 thoughts on “The Repeater RT97 can be customized”

    1. Hello, this mobile repeater RT97 can be customized with the range UHF or VHF. and the offset 5mhz or 10mhz.

  1. michael pereira

    happy new year !
    i have the rt97 uhf trying to program my baofeng radios witch only has freg. of 6 digits
    where rt97 has 7 digits anyway around that.

    look forward to hear from you,


    1. hi,
      the repeater is customized by your requirements, so if you want to work with other radio, you need to check the frequency!
      And for your radio with 6 digits frequency, but as I know, even thought It doesn’t support 7 bits, but it automatically recognizes that, in many cases, the last digit not displayed is 0 or 5

      You can have a try please

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